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AquaBlast Tether Setup and Use

The AquaBlast Tether is an accessory that comes as part of the AquaBLAST system. The tether lets you workout anywhere in the swimming pool without the bag drifting away after you punch or kick it.  The tether is made of super stretchy latex tubing that floats on the surface of the water. When you strike AquaBLAST, the bag drifts off, but the tether keeps the bag within striking range, so you can punch, kick, lift and throw the aquatic exercise bag anywhere in the swimming pool.  I use the bag in the middle of the pool and all you need is about...

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AquaBlast - What's inside the Package

AquaBlast is a portable underwater punching bag and exercise device for swimming pools. The package includes the AquaBlast bag, the tether system, and a pump. This video describes AquaBlast and also how to set it up. Copy   |   Append   |   Search

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