AquaBLAST Total Body Workout - October 2021

Get in the water and start working out with AquaBLAST, the pool fitness bag.

Rob Magrino, inventor of AquaBLAST, demonstrates 22 aquatic exercises -- plus a few combat drills -- that you can do in almost any swimming pool for a total body workout.

The routine demonstrates each AquaBLAST exercise along with proper techniques, starting with easier underwater exercises, and progressing into more difficult drills as the routine goes on. We'll do about five to ten repetitions of each exercise with a few variations thrown in, along with some aqua kickboxing drills near the end.

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The workout was created using a TOTALLY FREE interval timer called LoveHIIT ( There are no ads or subscriptions with this program -- it's really FREE -- and simple to use and setup. Feel free to copy the routine, modify it, and share it with your friends.

Below is a 40-minute Love HIIT routine consisting of 22 exercises, 10 second rests, and 2 rounds of exercise. The link below is safe to click!

The exercise list (along with descriptions) can be downloaded at or click this link for a PDF version:

Be sure to breathe and to keep your heels planted when lifting the bag.

The first few exercises are great warm-up drills to get your muscles ready for the workout. Give me a thumbs up if you like it. Blast Away!

Rob Magrino – Certified Aquatic Fitness Professional &

Music by Loco Lobo

AquaBLAST uses water resistance, drag, and the weight of 6 gallons of water to give you a full body workout in swimming pools and swim spas. 

AquaBLAST Pool Fitness Bags allow you to get a total-body low-impact workout in almost any swimming pool or swim spa. AquaBLAST is portable and sets up in a minute. This workout provides a range of pool exercises from easy to hard.

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