How to Setup AquaBLAST in One Minute

AquaBLAST Setup Video

I'm in Tom's River, NJ visiting with a friend. This short video shows how to setup AquaBLAST in about one minute and also how to collapse and store the bag in less than a minute.

I have added a few tips and tricks showing how to open the air valve easily (which also reduces wear and tear). I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for new content.

AquaBLAST is a portable water filled punching bag and fitness bag for swimming pools. AquaBLAST "floats" underwater and sets up in a minute by adding pool water and a little air to keep it floating. Punch, kick, lift and throw AquaBLAST for a total-body workout using the therapeutic benefits of water resistance.

You can buy AquaBLAST at or at my Amazon store (



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He doesn’t mention the foam ring. Exactly where do I put the foam ring?


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