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AquaBLAST Total Body Workout - October 2021

AquaBLAST Total Body Workout - October 2021

Get in the water and start working out with AquaBLAST, the pool fitness bag. Rob Magrino, inventor of AquaBLAST, demonstrates 22 aquatic exercises -- plus a few combat drills -- that you can do in almost any swimming pool for a total body workout -- plus a 10% discount

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AquaBLAST Upper Body Workout 💪

AquaBLAST Upper Body Workout 💪

Here's a quick 6-minute AquaBLAST Upper Body Workout video. You have 14 upper body/core (and lower body) exercises to do in about 6 minutes. Many variations can be performed, such as using a progressive timer (15/30/45 seconds per exercise). This routine is a single circuit and designed for swimming pools about 3 1/2 -4 1/2 feet in depth. Try the routine 2-3 times for a total body workout. 

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