AquaBLASTER - Fall 2023

AquaBLASTER - Fall 2023

Try Aqua Combat to Enhance your Pool Workout

AquaBLAST tethered to pool floor with ClingFish Effect Suction cup

Take advantage of 15% off AquaBLAST products, plus free USA shipping. Use BlastAway15Percent at checkout or click this link: Aquatic fitness is a low-impact form of exercise and provides many benefits for health and well-being, such as improving cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. It can also reduce stress, pain, and inflammation, as well as enhance recovery from injuries or surgeries.

Low Impact Combat Drills using AquaBLAST

One way to change up your aquatic fitness routine is to try low-impact combat drills in the pool. AquaBLAST is a specially designed punching and fitness bag that is filled with pool water. The bag is fluid and "floats" underwater, so it is soft and flexible and suitable for low-impact fitness.

Advantages of Using AquaBLAST Punching Bags vs. Land Based Bags

Compared to land-based punching bags, AquaBLAST is portable and takes a few seconds to set up. Once filled with pool water, AquaBLAST floats under the water surface, allowing you to attach it to the pool floor using our ClingFish® Effect suction cup, or you can tether the bag by wearing a shoulder harness system. Once in the pool, you can punch, kick, lift, or throw the bag in 3-5 feet of water.

What sets AquaBLAST apart is that it combines water resistance and the weight of pool water, providing total-body fitness in a single fitness device. 

Compared to a land-based punching bag, AquaBLAST has some key advantages:

  • It's PortableAquaBLAST is a portable pool fitness product that you can take anywhere.AquaBLAST sets up in seconds using 5-6 gallons of pool water. It weighs 4 pounds when empty so you can take it to the gym or anywhere there is a pool.

  • If you are looking for the realistic and satisfying feeling of hitting a body, AquaBLAST floats in water, so when it is struck, it moves much like a body would move. In addition, AquaBLAST creates waves and splashes that add to the fun and challenge of the workout. When full of pool water, AquaBLAST weighs about 40-55 pounds (depending on the model and the amount of water you add), but the bag is neutrally buoyant and moves weightlessly underwater.

  • Because AquaBLAST is filled with pool water, it is gentler on your joints and muscles, as it absorbs the impact of your strikes and reduces the risk of injury or pain. Using a water-filled punching bag in the pool will allow you to train longer and harder without holding back.

    Kickboxing with AquaBLAST is fun and low-impact


  • AquaBLAST offers variable resistance as the water inside the bag shifts and changes shape according to your movements. This means that you have to constantly adjust your speed, power, and technique to hit the bag effectively.

  • AquaBLAST enhances your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, as it requires you to use both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers. This also increases your oxygen consumption and heart rate, as you have to work against the water resistance, weight and buoyancy of the bag.

  • Aqua Combat will improve your balance and coordination, as it challenges your stability and core strength. It also lets you develop your agility and reflexes, as you have to react to the unpredictable movements of the bag.

  • Plus, you can go Full Ninja without any martial arts experience. Flying kicks and spin kicks that normally would require years of training and experience are now possible in the weightlessness of water.

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Example Combat Drills

AquaBLAST comes with workout cards that demonstrate exercises you can perform in the pool. Below are a few examples of combat drills using the AquaBLAST Harness, AquaBLAST Suction Tether (optional accessory), or a Swim Spa.

AquaBLAST works best in armpit deep water, but you can crouch down in shallow water. Try to strike the bag with your shoulders submerged underwater to get the maximum benefit (click the image below for higher resolution).

AquaBLAST Combatt Workout Card

Below are a few examples of combat exercises that you can do with AquaBLAST in the pool (the blue wavy line represents approximate water level). You may be able to do your entire workout without getting your hair wet:

  • One-arm and two-arm push: This is a basic warmup exercise that is low-impact and allows you to stretch your upper body. Simply get in front of the bag and push the 40 or 55-pound bag with one or two arms. If you are using a tethering system, the bag will return to the start position so you can repeat the drill.  
    One arm push
  • Jab-cross-hook-uppercut: This basic boxing combination involves throwing 4-5 light punches and then one hard strike to send the bag off. You can repeat this combination, or alternate with different strikes, such as mixing karate (side) chops with straight punches.Cross, jab, left, right, and pow

  • Front kick, Side Kick, Back Kick, and Roundhouse: This is a basic kickboxing combination that involves landing kicks to the mid-section of the bag. Try combinations of kicks in sequence. As you practice, your muscle memory will "kick" in and your technique should improve over time. You can repeat the same type of kick or alternate with combination kicks using right and left legs.

    Front kick
  • Lift-and-slam: This is a strength and power exercise that involves lifting the bag from the water and slamming it back down (and making a big splash!). You can use both hands to grab the bag from the top or bottom handles. You can lift the bag over your head, shoulder, or chest, depending on your ability and preference. You can slam the bag on the same spot or move it around the pool.

  • Throw-and-chase: This is a cardio and agility exercise that involves throwing the bag across the pool and chasing it. You can use one or both hands to toss the bag as far as you can, or use your feet to kick it. You can throw the bag in any direction or angle, depending on your goal and challenge. You can chase the bag by swimming, running, or jumping in the water. Try passing the bag through your legs, like leap frog, and chasing the bag backward, or pushing the bag forward like a medicine ball.

    Leap frog and chase

These are just a few of the possible exercises that you can perform with AquaBLAST in the pool. You can also create your own combinations or variations according to your level and interest. The key is to have fun and enjoy the benefits of combat sports.

  • Each AquaBLAST bag comes with a 4-page waterproof workout card and harness system. The optional suction cup tethering system can be purchased separately. 

  • If you are ready to purchase AquaBLAST, click the link below to get 15% off your purchase of AquaBLAST products or use coupon code BlastAway10Percent at checkout:

  • Get 10% Off Now: Use code: BlastAway10Percent

Blast Away!

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