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What Fitness Experts are saying about AquaBLAST®

"As a therapist working with a diverse patient population, I love products that allow you to think outside of the box and adapt to your progressing patient. More than just a punching bag, I use the AquaBlast to allow patients to work on core stabilization with pushing, pulling, dragging lifting and even throwing. Be it pain patients or the geriatric population, being able to increase their force without pain is always met with excitement."

Stacy Lynch, PTA, CLT, CPT, Aq, GAq, AFO, LSVT BIG Certified Organizing Chair- 5th International Conference on Evidence Based Aquatic Therapy Owner & Director of Programming Inertia Therapy Services U.S. Organizer- IATF

"I really did like it and it could definitely provide a great workout for home pools, circuit training, interval and sport specific/speed training.  As a tool in Aquatic personal training or small group and group exercise circuits, it could have benefits."

Angie Proctor, AEA Executive Director,

"By adding water only (no air) the device is neutrally buoyant and provides an opportunity for some skills needed by many clients."

"I felt that it could be used well for a Big and Loud program for Parkinson’s, osteopenia, and weak clients."

"You have certainly put a lot of time and effort into this product and I think it could be a positive force in aquatics."

Ruth Sova President at the Aquatic Therapy & Rehabilitation Institute

"The Aqua BLAST bag will become an important piece of equipment in aquatic therapy with specific exercises and a tremendous challenge for our military as a way to cross train."


Dr. Mary O. Wykle, PhD MW Associates |

"I love this bag for those who want a real workout in the pool. I personally endorse this for athletic individuals like myself. We want to work hard - we love it - but sometimes land work takes its toll."

Stephanie Newberry, Founder,


AquaBlast is a water-filled underwater punching bag and exercise device for swimming pools and swim spas. It uses water resistance, drag, and the weight of water to provide a low-impact, full-body workout in the water. AquaBLAST sets up fast and is portable, so you can take it with you.

After injuring my rotator cuff playing softball, I began working out in the swimming pool using 1-gallon water-filled milk jugs. Each jug weighed 8 pounds, and they made great underwater drag and resistance weights, plus they added weight when used as a kettle bell for gravity-based exercise. One day, a jug floated by in the pool and I punched it -- I discovered that it was flexible enough for punching and kicking. I continued tinkering and eventually designed a working prototype and filed for a patent.... and here we are.

Black is the only color we offer currently. We are considering additional colors in the future. Drop us a line and let us know what color you are interested in, and we will consider it for future production.

AquaBLAST is safe. We use PVC that is compliant with California Proposition 65, meaning that the materials in AquaBLAST comply with California’s strict requirements for the reduction of carcinogens.

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