Collection: AquaBLAST and Suction Cup Combo

AquaBLAST Combo System: Revolutionizing Underwater Kickboxing

Elevate your aqua fitness routine with the groundbreaking AquaBLAST Combo System. This innovative solution combines the AquaBLAST Pool Fitness and Punching Bags with the cutting-edge AquaBLAST Suction Tether system, providing a low-impact pool kickboxing experience like no other.

The ClingFish Effect: Powered by ClingTech Bionics of Germany, the AquaBLAST Combo System utilizes the revolutionary ClingFish Effect suction cup technology. This advanced system allows you to tether your AquaBLAST bag securely to most swimming pool surfaces underwater, creating a stable and dynamic platform for your kickboxing workouts.

Unmatched Versatility and Effectiveness: Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to underwater fitness, the AquaBLAST Combo System offers versatility and effectiveness like never before. Engage in a high-energy kickboxing session that combines the benefits of aqua fitness, water aerobics, and hydro therapy.

Choose Your Perfect Fit: The AquaBLAST Combo System is available with your choice of AquaBLAST Pool Fitness and Punching Bags, either the 20-liter or 25-liter model. Select the bag size that best suits your fitness level and goals.

  • The 20 Liter bag is lighter (45 pounds) and more "family friendly" because it is easier to move around for lighter and more buoyant (floating) athletes. In addition, the looped handles provide multiple gripping positions and provide the best performance and versatility in and out of the water.
  • The 25 Liter is heavier (almost 55+ pounds) and is designed for less-buoyant athletes. Designed for for total body fitness in the water, the handles are straight and provide less gripping positions than the 20 Liter bag, but many clients prefer this model because of the weight and functionality.