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AquaBLAST 20-Liter V2 - Pool Fitness and Punching Bag

AquaBLAST 20-Liter V2 - Pool Fitness and Punching Bag

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AquaBLAST 20-Liter Version 2 Pool Fitness and Punching Bag

Introducing AquaBLAST 20-Liter Version 2: Your Ultimate Fitness Companion

Unlock the power of AquaBLAST, the first dual-use aquatic and land-based fitness solution. Perfect for aqua fitness, water aerobics, hydro workouts, and kickboxing, AquaBLAST redefines your workout experience.


  • Mildew Resistant Padded Handles: Ensures durability and comfort during intense workouts.
  • Pre-installed Buoyant Foam: Keeps the bag afloat for effortless retrieval during water exercises.
  • Fast Setup and Storage: Get started quickly and store conveniently after use.
  • Variable Weight: Fill up to 45 pounds (5 gallons) for customizable resistance.
  • Waterproof Workout Cards: Includes three exercise options for versatile routines.

Elevate your fitness journey with AquaBLAST 20-Liter Version 2. Take it anywhere - home, work, gym, or vacation - and experience the ultimate low-impact training solution. Get yours now and revolutionize your workouts!

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