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AquaBLAST COMBO - 20 Liter Bag V1 PLUS the Suction Tether System

AquaBLAST COMBO - 20 Liter Bag V1 PLUS the Suction Tether System

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Get fit with the first portable low-impact boxing and fitness combination for swimming pools. Setup the AquaBLAST 20 Liter Fitness and Punching bag in about 30 seconds with 5 gallons (20 liters) of pool water. The bag floats on the surface and is fluid with the surrounding water, making it easy to handle.

Connect the AquaBLAST Suction Tether to the pool floor for tethered aqua combat. The innovative ClingFish Effect suction cup holds the AquaBLAST Punching bag in place and provides non-stop kickboxing and fitness action in 3-5 feet of water.

The AquaBLAST 20 Liter bag weighs 40+ pounds when filled with water, so it makes the perfect workout device for strength training, low-impact rehab, fitness, or FUN!  

This combo package includes both the 20-Liter AquaBLAST Punching and Fitness Bag AND the AquaBLAST Suction Tether. Please check with the Suction Tether Product Page before ordering to determine if your pool will support the suction cup.

If you already have an AquaBLAST 20 Liter bag, you can select just the Suction Tether (unless you want an extra 20-liter bag).

Package Includes:

  • 1 - AquaBLAST Suction Tether system (Clingfish Effect suction cup)
  • 1 - AquaBLAST 20 Liter Punching Bag - Version 1
    • comes with AquaBLAST Harness
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