The AquaBLASTER Christmas Edition - Still Blasting

AquaBLAST Library and Workout Videos

Dive in and start working out! A special thank you to Mark Grevelding ( and Stephanie Newberry ( for doing the heavy lifting and getting the first workout video and training library produced and completed. All the elements for a successful production fell into place on very short notice. It was Good Karma!

Try out the Wave Machine, Cable Pull, Pendulum, the Blaster Push and the Smackdown, but don't be fooled by the fun sounding names -- you will feel the burn!

The AquaBLAST Video Library is available at:

The AquaBLAST Workout is available at: .

AquaBLAST, the aqua-gym in a bag

The AquaBLAST Floor Tether – coming in 2021

A small unassuming fish with a tenacious grip may hold the future for AquaBLAST workouts. The Northern Clingfish uses a small disk-like suction cup on its belly to “cling” onto rocks and uneven surfaces even as waves are crashing down around it and is the inspiration for a new type of suction cup that clings to almost any surface underwater.The Northern Clingfish has near super power abilities and is able to hold the force of the 50 pound AquaBLAST punching bag.

AquaBlastFit is working with researcher Dr. Petra Ditsche to develop the bio-inspired suction cup to tether AquaBLAST to swimming pool floors. Preliminary testing confirms the suction cup is capable of holding the 50-pound AquaBLAST bag even after landing a knockout Ninja kick. The suction cup sticks to almost any surface underwater -- even tiles and other rough surfaces. It is truly amazing, and I am honored to be working with Dr. Ditsche to bring this amazing suction cup into the market.

The AquaBLAST Floor Tether has a planned release in mid-2021, so stay tuned! Here is a short video showing this remarkable suction cup in action (boxers and MMA fighters -- please note, my technique is really bad, but it you are interested in testing this, and possibly helping me promote the AquaBLAST floor tether with your own video, please drop me a line at

AquaQuip – our new retail partner

AquaBLAST is now available at AquaQuip (, a locally owned swimming pool and spa supply retailer with 10 retail stores in the Seattle area. AquaQuip President, Brian Quint recognized the benefit of AquaBLAST especially for their swim spa customers, as more individuals and families seek home workout options as gyms and recreation centers remain closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.  

We demonstrated the AquaBLAST system at the Bellevue, WA store in October and filmed our first swim-spa workout, which can be found on our YouTube channel:

COVID-19 and Swimming Pools

According to the CDC, “Evidence suggests that COVID-19 cannot be spread to humans through most recreational water. Additionally, proper operation of these aquatic venues and disinfection of the water (with chlorine or bromine) should inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.” Link

This is great news for swimmers and for water exercise fanatics like me. Unfortunately, not all states are following this guidance, but at least in Washington, my home state, aquatic centers have been spared the shutdowns imposed on land-based fitness facilities.

Just another reason to get in the water and start working out!

AquaBLAST is now on Amazon

The AquaBlastFit online store recently opened at Amazon (  We are pleased to be a sponsored brand – a rather big deal – on the massive Amazon online platform. Please check out the AquaBLAST store. There may be a few $5 off coupons left, so get them while they last.

Gift wrapping is available!

AquaBLAST began as a plastic milk jug -- a little history

After suffering a shoulder injury playing softball, my doctor recommended an aquatic exercise routine to help with recovery. I took his advice and started a daily low-impact routine in my swimming pool that slowly strengthened my shoulder. One day I filled some plastic milk jugs with pool water to use as resistance weights.

Each one-gallon jug weighed 8 pounds -- the jugs were cheap and effective. As my recovery progressed, I tinkered with the jugs, and discovered they floated upside down by adding a little air and by hanging a weight from the handle.

One day I punched the jug and discovered the outer walls were flexible and cushioned my blows. This was a moment of inspiration, and how I came up with AquaBLAST.

Curiosity led me to try softer materials and different components! Soon after, I cobbled together a prototype from materials found at the hardware store – (and lots of glue) and AquaBLAST® was born!

After 3 years going nowhere with my idea, I met Hrag Nassanian, a former Nike soft-goods designer ( Hrag helped bring the idea to life through his industry knowledge, expertise in design, and just common sense. Hrag is now a great friend and mentor and continues to help me in the development of new improvements and designs.

After multiple iterations, AquaBLAST went into production and officially launched in July 2020. My biggest setback was starting a new venture during a pandemic -- since most swimming pools stayed closed throughout the summer!

Below is the initial prototype for the AquaBLAST Floor Tether. The tiny suction cup has super-power holding power and will revolutionize how AquaBLAST is used anywhere in the pool.

Aqua kickboxing will be a reality by the Summer of 2021. Stay tuned, this is going to get exciting!! 

AquaBLAST Floor Tether is

Sorry, I can't gift wrap, but you can request gift wrapping at the Amazon site.

Have an awesome Christmas and Happy New Year.

If you made it this far, Here's an extra 10% off on AquaBLAST. Offer good through Jan 11, 2021. Sorry, but this deal has ended. Check back soon.

Rob Magrino

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