The AquaBlaster Newsletter First Edition - Blast Away

And the winners are…

Congratulations to the winners of the AquaBlast Giveaway. Another giveaway is planned for later this year so stay tuned!

  • Lisa D. of Riverview FL
  • Josh M. of Houston, TX
  • Heidi R. of Elk Grove, CA
AquaBLAST, the portable punching and exercise bag for swimming pools and swim spas is now available in the USA

Welcome to the first edition of the AquaBlaster. I’m Rob Magrino, inventor of AquaBlast, the portable punching bag for swimming pools. AquaBlast made its initial “splash” in July 2020, and we continue to get recognized with new followers from around the world. I want to personally thank you for helping to share the AquaBlast story, and for spreading the word about one of the most exciting new aquatic fitness devices to hit the market. Later this month Amazon will begin carrying AquaBlast, and we plan to eventually introduce it into European markets.

The pandemic has changed everything, and pool and swim-spa owners are seeking home workout options due to COVID restrictions. Social distancing mandates and reduced fitness class sizes have become the new normal. The big plus with Aqua Blast is its portability; the device fits into a small carry case, and sets up in about a minute, so you can get right to your workout. When done, drain out the water and pack it away, and you are ready for your next destination.

Personal trainers tell me they like AquaBlast because AquaBlast the portable punching bag for swimming pools is compact and fits into a carry case, so you can take it with you to the pool, when travelling, or on vacationit’s a multi-purpose device that transports easily from one client’s pool to the next – and no more wet hair 😊 because your arms and legs remain underwater during the workout = reduced splashing!  


Training Videos. We are still dealing with CLOSED signs everywhere! Washington state just started to relax the restrictions, but now the pool season is nearly over! Luckily, a neighbor let me shoot a few basic setup videos in his heated pool (thanks Kim), but we have been unable to produce the collection of training videos that everyone is asking about. If you have some good workout routines you can share, please, please email me at I would love to see the different ways AquaBlast is being used.

The Aqua Blast Tether (included with AquaBlast), consists of two parts: a shoulder harness and stretchy tether cords (long and short). The tether and harness let you workout anywhere in the pool without the bag drifting away. The short tether is for high-intensity workouts, and the longer tether extends the bag further, allowing you to get your feet set before the bag returns. Please write to me at and let me know how the tether is working out for you. I would especially like to know if you discovered a better way to tether the bag. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions (good and bad).

Future development. Imagine 20 floating AquaBlast bags lined up in a swimming pool, all tethered in place. An instructor guides an aquatics class to “punch & pivot, kick & pivot” to the beat of the music. You punch, you pivot, you reposition for the next move, and begin circling the AquaBlast bag like a boxer dancing around an opponent in the ring. This is my vision for AquaBlast Workouts, where the bag is tethered in one place and you are free to move around AquaBlast to maximize your workout. 

A portable tethering system in the works. I am working on a portable tethering system that mounts to the pool floor and is strong enough to hold the force of the 50-pound AquaBlast bag. This portable tethering system, once completed, possibly in 2021, will become the future of group AquaBlast Kickboxing workouts! Stay Tuned, this could get exciting!

Again, I want to thank you for your support. We are currently running a $99 sale plus free shipping in the USA on AquaBlast bags. Get one before they are gone at, and click the Shop Now button.

Please share and post your photos to the page and help get the word out. We are beginning an exciting journey and I look forward to sharing updates with you in the future.


Rob Magrino | CEO & Founder

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