Adam Torres and Rob Magrino chat about AquaBLAST

Adam Torres of Mission Matters Interviews Rob Magrino about AquaBLAST

Mission Matters interview

Check out my interview with Adam Torres of Mission Matters about the launch of AquaBLAST back in September 2020. Adam and I chat about AquaBLAST and the future of the portable punching bag for swimming pools.

Rob discusses the launch of AquaBLAST and how he discovered how to make a water-filled punching bag from a one-gallon milk jug. The discovery led Rob to tinker with his idea until it morphed into the final product it is today.

AquaBLAST®, our portable water-filled exercise, fitness, and punching bag for swimming pools and swim spas. Released in June 2020, AquaBLAST is a portable heavy bag that fills with six gallons of pool water. The bag floats just below the water surface, placing it in the ideal position for low-impact punching, kicking, lifting, and throwing in any swimming pool.

AquaBLAST sets up in one minute, so you can get right to your workout -- simply add pool water and a little air. When finished, empty out the pool water and place it in the convenient carry case. Take AquaBLAST with you on your next vacation, or when traveling or to any swimming pool. It's a portable kickboxing gym in a bag.

AquaBLAST, the ultimate underwater punching bag for swimming pools.

Purchase AquaBLAST at: (U.S.A.) (AMAZON MAY SHIP INTERNATIONALLY) (Seattle, WA.) (Israel)

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How do we add the pool water and air to the punching bag . We can’t figure that out. haha. Can you give us directions. Thank you

Debra Clark

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