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AquaBLAST Setup Video

Setting up AquaBLAST takes about a minute.

To setup AquaBLAST:

  • Remove the bag from the carry case.
  • Add some air to the air chamber (about 2-3 breaths by mouth, or 30-40 strokes from the air pump provided).
  • Stand in about 3-4 feet water.
  • Open the zipper (you may need to splash some water on the zipper to make it easier to open and close).
  • Hold an upper handle and a lower handle and submerge the bag completely underwater to let all the air out of the main compartment.
  • Next, spread the zipper open with your thumbs as you hold the handles and drag the bag through the water in long sweeping motions about 5 times
    • This forces water into the AquaBLAST bag
  • Dip the bag a few times until water spills out at the zipper.
  • Zip AquaBLAST closed.

You are ready to Rumble 

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