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AquaBLAST® Pool Fitness Bags

Aqua BLAST®, the ultimate underwater punching bag for swimming pools and swim spas - AquaBlastFit


AquaBLAST® Pool Fitness Bags

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Transform any Pool into an Aquatic Fitness Gym


Introducing AquaBLAST, the water-filled fitness and total body workout bag for swimming pools and swim spas. AquaBLAST is a single fitness device that can meet your aquatic fitness needs. Integrate AquaBLAST into existing fitness routines, or create your own. 

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  • The patented bag "floats" just below the water surface, placing it in the perfect position for punching, kicking, lifting and throwing - you can even stand on the bag for step-up and balance drills.

  • AquaBLAST sets up in 60 seconds using pool water and a little air to keep it floating. It is portable -- take it anywhere there is a pool. Stores quickly in convenient carry bag. No hoses needed! 

  • AquaBLAST fills with 6 gallons of pool water -- that's 50 pounds of water, but the bag floats weightlessly underwater. AquaBLAST feels like a boxing heavy bag, but the outer walls are soft and flexible for low-impact workouts. 
  • Get a total-body workout in your home pool -- or take it to the gym. AquaBLAST is ideal for public swimming pools & fitness center pools.

  • Recommended water depth: 3 1/2 - 5 feet (not designed for hot tubs)

  • Have an Aqua-BLAST!

Tough enough for full-contact mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing workouts, but soft and flexible enough for low-impact water exercise. 

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