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AquaBLAST 20-Liter V2 - Pool Fitness and Punching Bag

AquaBLAST 20-Liter V2 - Pool Fitness and Punching Bag

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AquaBLAST 20 Liter - Version 2

Water is 800 TIMES denser than air. Top athletes know that aquatic conditioning causes core and major muscle groups to work harder during movements due to the viscosity (thickness) of water.

AquaBLAST targets all the muscles groups in the core, midsection, and lower body simultaneously, providing total-body low-impact fitness.

Here's what you get:

  • AquaBLAST 20 Liter Punching and Fitness Bag
  • AquaBLAST Harness (included with AquaBLAST)
  • AquaBLAST Waterproof workout cards
  • Plus, new logos and updated features 

Integrate AquaBLAST into existing fitness routines, team building events or create your own routines.  

  • The patented bag "floats" underwater, placing it in the perfect position for punching, kicking, lifting, pushing, and throwing - you can even stand on the bag for step-up and balance drills.

  • AquaBLAST sets up in 30 seconds and holds 20 liters (5 gallons) of pool water.

  • AquaBLAST is like a floating heavy bag for boxing, but the outer walls are soft and flexible for low-impact workouts.

  • It's portable -- take it anywhere there is a pool. Drains quickly and stores in a convenient carry bag. No hoses are needed! 

  • Get a total-body workout in your pool -- or take it to the gym. AquaBLAST is ideal for public swimming pools & fitness center pools. 
  • Recommended for pools and swimming spas with a water depth of 3 - 5 feet. AquaBLAST can be used in deep water (5+ feet) as well, and for use underwater by removing the foam core (the bag will sink when the foam core is removed).
  • Have an Aqua-BLAST!

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