AquaBLAST is introducing the Pool Tether Suction Cup system this summer.

AquaBLAST Pool Punching Bag using Clingfish Suction Cup Tether System - available this summer

I was in Houston in March and the hotel's outside pool was unheated and was  68-degrees -- and no hot tub -- it was pure torture, but I enjoyed putting this video together, even though my head is half cut off! The testing goes on, but we should have the suction cup available by summer. Stay tuned.

The suction cup is still under development and will be available this summer! A new suction cup sample is coming out in a few weeks. Sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

AquaBlastFit and AquaGym Fitness ( are presenting AquaBLAST and the Clingfish Suction Cup system at the IAFC ( in Daytona Beach, Florida in 14-18 June 2021. Hit subscribe for updates!

The AquaBLAST® Pool Tether System introduces an innovative new underwater suction cup that tethers AquaBLAST to most pool floor surfaces, allowing full-contact aqua kickboxing in almost any swimming pool. The tethering system prevents drifting, and allows better control of AquaBLAST as you move independently around the water-filled bag.

The bio-inspired suction cup, developed by German researcher Dr. Petra Ditsche, uses a powerful suction grip, and is modeled after the Northern Clingfish, a small fish found in the intertidal areas of the Pacific Northwest. The Clingfish can hold many times its own body weight and "clings" to rough and uneven surfaces underwater while strong waves crash down. The tiny suction cup is powerful enough to hold the 50-pound AquaBLAST punching bag in place even after delivering a knockout punch or kick!

The AquaBLAST Pool Tether System is our latest innovation and is ideal for individual and group workout sessions, as well as rehabilitation and recreation. The adjustable tether positions AquaBLAST in one location, so multiple bags can quickly line up and be deployed in a swimming pool. Group fitness and kickboxing classes can be set up in only a few minutes. After a workout, simply pop the suction cup loose -- but not before landing a few flying ninja kicks. AquaBLAST is versatile and FUN and is an all-in-one aqua kickboxing gym in a bag!

The tether system is used with AquaBLAST®, our portable water-filled exercise, fitness, and punching bag for swimming pools and swim spas. Released in June 2020, AquaBLAST is a portable heavy bag that fills with six gallons of pool water. The bag floats just below the water surface, placing it in the ideal position for low-impact punching, kicking, lifting, and throwing in any swimming pool.

AquaBLAST sets up in one minute, so you can get right to your workout -- simply add pool water and a little air. When finished, empty out the pool water and place it in the convenient carry case. Take AquaBLAST with you on your next vacation, or when traveling or to any swimming pool. It's a portable kickboxing in a bag.

AquaBLAST is versatile and FUN!

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Have an Aqua-BLAST!

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