AquaBLAST Dual Use - Amazon

Introducing the AquaBLAST Pool Fitness & Punching Bag: Your versatile companion for Aquatic AND light to moderate Land-Based Workouts!

AquaBLAST is a game-changer in the world of fitness equipment. Whether you’re at the pool or on solid ground, this innovative bag adapts seamlessly to your workout needs. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Dual-Use Design:
    • Swimming Pool Workouts: Submerge the AquaBLAST bag in the water, and it becomes your aquatic training partner. The water-filled design provides dynamic resistance and weight training, engaging your muscles as you perform low-impact water aerobics, aqua boxing, or swimming-specific exercises.
    • Land-Based Training: Take the AquaBLAST bag out of the pool, and it transforms into your trusty low-weight training companion. Use it on grass, the sand, or indoors on carpet for light to moderate workouts. The water inside sloshes as you move, providing a unique low-impact challenge, enhancing your strength, stability, and endurance.
  • Adjustable Resistance: Fill the AquaBLAST bag with water to your desired level. The more water you add, the greater the weight and resistance. Customize it based on your fitness level and specific exercises.
    • In the pool: AquaBLAST "floats" underwater for water resistance training and kickboxing. Punch, kick, lift, and move the bag in the pool for a total body workout.
    • On Land: Add 1-2 gallons of water for light to moderate lifting anywhere outside of the pool (home, office, hotels, and vacation).
    • Aqua Kickboxing: No martial arts experience necessary! You can go full ninja in the weightlessness of water. BOOM!
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the AquaBLAST bag can withstand the rigors of both wet and dry environments. It’s tear-resistant, UV-resistant, and built to last.
  • Comfortable Grip: The textured surface ensures a secure grip, whether you’re holding it underwater or performing lunges on land. The padded handles allow for various grips and movements.
  • Full-Body Workouts: AquaBLAST’s versatility lets you target every muscle group. From bicep curls in the pool to squats on the beach, this bag keeps your workouts engaging and effective.
  • Portable and Compact: Empty the AquaBLAST bag, and it folds down to a compact size and weighs just 4 pounds. Take it with you to the gym, the park, your backyard, or on vacation.


Blast Away!