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NEW: AquaBLAST Suction Tether

NEW: AquaBLAST 25 Liter

AquaBLAST® 25 Liter - 2d Generation Pool Fitness Bag

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Transform any Pool into a Gym

Package includes:

  • AquaBLAST 25 Liter Pool Fitness and Punching Bag
  • AquaBLAST Harness (for kickboxing)
  • Waterproof Workout Card
  • 3-Month AquaGym Anywhere Subscription (by AquaGym Fitness)

The AquaBLAST 25 Liter is a water-filled fitness and punching bag for swimming pools that provides a total-body aqua workout in 3-5 feet of water. Take advantage of low-impact water resistance, drag, and the weight of 50+ pounds of water.

Integrate AquaBLAST into existing fitness routines, team building events or create your own routines.  

  • The patented bag "floats" underwater, placing it in the perfect position for punching, kicking, lifting, and throwing - you can even stand on the bag for step-up and balance drills.

  • AquaBLAST sets up in 30 seconds and holds 25 liters (6.5 gallons) of pool water.

  • AquaBLAST is like a floating heavy bag for boxing, but the outer walls are soft and flexible for low-impact workouts.

  • It's portable -- take it anywhere there is a pool. Drains quickly and stores in a convenient carry bag. No hoses are needed! 

  • Get a total-body workout in your pool -- or take it to the gym. AquaBLAST is ideal for public swimming pools & fitness center pools.

  • Recommended for pools and swim spas with a water depth of 3-5 feet (limited use in hot tubs)

  • The waterproof zipper requires extra pulling force to open and close. For the best results, lubricate the zipper with silicone lubricant or petroleum jelly periodically and operate the zipper while in the water. 

      Have an Aqua-BLAST!

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      We're so sure you will love AquaBLAST® that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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      If AquaBLAST fails when used as directed, we will replace it.