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AquaBLAST® 20 Liter Bags - Reconditioned

AquaBLAST® 20 Liter Bags - Reconditioned

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Package includes:

  • Reconditioned AquaBLAST 20 Liter Bag
  • Carry Case - included
  • AquaBLAST Harness and Pump (may or may not be included)

These are fully functional AquaBLAST bags that have been reconditioned and pressure tested. They are guaranteed, but not returnable. 

New AquaBLAST® 20L Features

  • 30 second setup – now twice as fast!
  • 10-15 pounds lighter than the original bag!
  • Padded U-shaped neoprene handles!
  • Buoyant foam replaces the air bladder!
  • Variable above-water weight from 5-40 pounds!
  • Extra buoyancy air valve -- ideal for kickboxing!
  • Portable and lighter packaging for travel!
  • The redesigned carry case features a large external pocket!

The waterproof zipper requires extra pulling force to open and fully close. For the best results, lubricate the zipper head before use with silicone lubricant (or petroleum jelly) and operate the zipper while in the water.


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