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AquaBLAST® Suction Tether System - available July 2022

AquaBLAST® Suction Tether System - AquaBlastFit


AquaBLAST® Suction Tether System - available July 2022

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Tether AquaBLAST to your pool floor for kickboxing, therapy and rehab with the innovative AquaBLAST Suction Tether system powered by ClingTech Bionics.

The AquaBLAST Suction Tether system uses a state-of-the-art suction cup that harnesses the Clingfish Effect™ to adhere strongly to most swimming pool floor surfaces underwater.

Modelled after the Northern Clingfish, a small fish capable of holding up to 300 times its body weight, the suction cup sticks to surfaces such as concrete, plaster, gunite, stainless steel, fiberglass, and vinyl and other common pool surfaces, except tile surfaces and porous pool finishes.

The tether system is designed for use with the AquaBLAST® 20L punching and fitness bag. The portable tether sets up quickly and creates a portable underwater platform that holds AquaBLAST in place. The AquaBLAST Suction Tether powered by ClingTech Bionics is ideal for individual training, group fitness, rehabilitation, and recreation.

We have tested the suction cup in many swimming pools, but not all pool surfaces are compatible with the suction cup. Please review this documentation thoroughly prior to use to determine the suitability of the device with the pool you intend to use.

Prior to setup

Before setting up the tether system, verify that the pool floor is suitable for use with the suction cup.  Generally, the suction cup must create a seal around the area of attachment. Grout lines, recessed joints, and bumpy finishes will prevent the suction cup from adhering. In addition, porous surfaces such as sand, pebbles or bumpy finishes pebbles, may prevent the suction cup from creating a seal. 

Please contact for assistance.

Setting up the Tethering System

Start by setting up the AquaBLAST® punching bag with air and water and allow it to float on the swimming pool surface. PIX

Connect one end of the Nite Ize KnotBone™ Adjustable Bungee™ #5 to the Clingfish Effect™ suction cup, and the other end to the loop on the bottom of the AquaBLAST bag. Follow the enclosed directions to adjust the length of the bungee cord. PIX

While standing in water approximately 3 ½ - 5 feet in depth, press the Clingfish Effect™ suction cup to the pool floor with your foot, making sure to press the suction cup down evenly from the top and to press out the water trapped under the suction cup. This will ensure firm adhesion to the pool floor. For the best results, the edge of the suction cup should not fold under the suction cup. PIX PIX

To release the Clingfish Effect™ suction cup, pull up on the small floating bobber, or lift the bobber with your toes. The bobber lifts the suction cup edge and breaks the seal with the pool floor. Do not attempt to pull or force the suction cup loose using the tether cord. Forcing the Clingfish Effect™ suction cup loose may damage or reduce the lifespan of the product. PIX  


Avoid touching the soft suction cup material as oils and debris may adhere to the surface and reduce the suction cup effectiveness. After each use, rinse the soft material with tap water and periodically clean with a drop of dishwashing detergent to remove debris from the surface. The Clingfish Effect™ suction cup should not be left underwater for extended periods of time.  Rinsing and periodic cleaning will increase adhesion and the lifespan of the product.

Swimming pool water chemistry should be maintained at generally accepted standards for public swimming pools. Unbalanced pool water may reduce the lifespan of the product. The suction cup is designed for underwater use only. No liability is taken for the use in other applications or damage caused to swimming pool surfaces or liners. 


“The included KnotBone™ Adjustable Bungee™ #5 is designed and engineered by Nite Ize, Inc. in Boulder, CO USA. MANUFACTURED IN CHINA. Patent and Trademark Information at  The distinctive shapes, styles, configuration and overall appearance of all Nite Ize products are trademarks of Nite Ize, Inc.”


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