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AquaBlast®, the ultimate underwater punching bag

AquaBlast®, the ultimate underwater punching bag - AquaBlastFit

AquaBlast®, the ultimate underwater punching bag

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Staying fit in your swimming pool has never been so much fun!  Punch, kick, lift, and throw your way into shape with AquaBlast®, the ultimate underwater punching bag for swimming pools.

AquaBlast® is a patented, water-filled kickboxing and exercise bag for swimming pools that floats just below the water surface. The outer wall of AquaBlast® is soft and flexible so you can punch, kick, lift, throw, and even stand on AquaBlast®. 

  • Throw punches and flying Ninja kicks while having fun and getting a great workout.
  • Sets up with swimming pool water in about 1 minute.
  • Great for fitness, group training, rehab, and recreation. When you're done working out, it's fun to toss it around and land punches and kicks.
  • Tough enough for full-contact MMA and boxing workouts, but soft and flexible for low-impact exercise.
  • Portable - take it to the gym, on vacation or anywhere there is a pool. AquaBlast® drains and folds flat in about 1 minute.
  • No more wet hair; your head stays above water!

Click here to view the setup video.
Click here to see how to time punches and kicks when using the tether system.

Includes the AquaBlast® Tether, an optional accessory for group training and solo use.

Our Guarantee

We're so sure you will love AquaBlast® that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Our Warranty

If within 90 days of purchase, AquaBlast® fails when used as directed, we will replace the device.