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The AquaBLAST® Story

AquaBLAST® started as a plastic milk jug...

My aquatic journey began on a softball field in Ohio. It was the sixth inning, a tie game, and a runner on first base. The batter hit a screaming line drive into the right field. The runner took off. I fielded the ball, reared back, and threw an incredible game-saving throw to home plate – I WISH!

The ball traveled barely 50 feet before I was thrown out with a season-ending rotator cuff injury.

To aid my recovery, my doctor prescribed aquatic therapy, so I began using pool noodles and foam dumbbells to exercise daily in the backyard pool. As my recovery progressed, I noticed that the foam accessories lacked weight - I wanted to build strength in the pool using actual weights.

 AquaBLAST started as a water-filled milk jug and evolved into a punching bag and multipurpose aquatic exercise device for swimming pools

The AquaBLAST® started off as a water-filled milk jug that evolved into a punching bag for swimming pools that can be used in a variety of aquatic exercises.

In the pool, I tried different homemade weights until I found that milk jugs filled with water made great weights for kettlebells and resistance training. For drag and resistance drills below water and weight training above water, I used the jugs; they were inexpensive and effective.

My lightbulb moment...

I removed some water from the jugs and added air to make them lighter. It resulted in the jugs floating near the surface, but mostly underwater. One day I punched a jug floating by and discovered it was flexible, so it could be punched and kicked without getting hurt.

After adding a small counterweight, the jug stabilized and "floated" underwater in neutral buoyancy.

Aqua BLAST underwater punching bag for swimming pools. The "Big Red Tomato"

The AquaBLAST® punching and fitness bag is designed for use in swimming pool use. The "Big Red Tomato"

I continued to tinker and eventually designed a working prototype using hardware store supplies. As a result of filing for a utility patent, I have now been granted three patents on the device.

Aqua BLAST is compact and fits in a convenient carry case, so you can take it with you

In 2019, I met an experienced product designer from Portland who helped me reimagine the bag and find manufacturers. He is a good friend who continues to advise and assist with new designs, adding his design insight to the device that has helped it become what it is today.

AquaBLAST® is compact and comes with a convenient carry case, so you can take it anywhere

The official launch of AquaBLAST® took place in July 2020, and we launched on Amazon in August 2020. AquaBLAST® has been recognized for its innovation by the Aquatic Exercise Association, Aquatic Therapy, and Rehab Institute and numerous experts in aquatic fitness and therapy.

Moreover, we are ready to launch two exciting new swimming pool fitness products planned for 2022.

AquaBLAST 20L (Mini).

The 20-liter version is smaller than the original AquaBLAST bag, and redesigned inside and out – literally! The AquaBLAST 20L is lighter and easier to handle and sets up in only 30 seconds, plus I have made several design changes. The 20L allows weight adjustments from 5-40 pounds in seconds, making the bag suitable for weaker clients. The 20L needs a few final touches before it is scheduled for production with the factory. Look for the 20L release in 2022.

AquaBLAST Suction Tether

In partnership with ClingTech Bionics (, we have created a unique suction cup that sticks to pool floors underwater using the Clingfish Effect™.  Modeled after the Northern Clingfish, a tiny fish capable of holding 300 times its body weight, AquaBLAST Suction Tether system creates a portable platform in 3-5 feet of water, with an adjustable tether cord and a powerful bio-inspired suction cup

With the suction tether, you can move independently around AquaBLAST® for non-stop kickboxing action. The tether will make aqua kickboxing classes available to everyone and provide new ways to exercise and have fun in the water (projected release -August 2022).

AquaBLAST® 25 Liter

A 25-liter AquaBLAST® bag has been redesigned with features similar to the 20 Liter. We replaced the air chamber with buoyant foam, added padded neoprene handles, made it lighter for travel (it weighs just 4 pounds when empty), and sets it up in just 30 seconds.

Strength in Water®

Our parent company, RomaQuatics, actually means Strength in Water®. 'Roma Aquatics' refers to strength and water, making it an appropriate slogan for a device intended for aquatic fitness.

As a manufacturer of portable aquatic fitness gear, our mission is to promote strength, fitness, and conditioning in water regardless of the individual's age or physical limitations.

I am a US Army veteran with a vision to donate a portion of profits to wounded veterans and first responder organizations. I am still in the early stages of planning this charitable component, but my heart is set on it. I believe that AquaBLAST® will increase the quality of life for our wounded veterans and first responders.

Dive in and Start Working Out in Water

No matter if you're training for a competition, recovering from an injury, participating in a group exercise class, or just want to burn off some steam, our low-impact aquatic fitness bags and accessories offer upper body, lower body, and core conditioning through the combined use of water resistance, drag, and weight.

AquaBLAST® is a single piece of portable equipment suitable for functional strength training. It allows you to incorporate everyday movements, such as lifting, gripping, stepping, and moving in the weightless swimming pool environment.  

The benefits of aquatic exercise include a reduction in muscle and joint stress, as well as ease of the pounding your body receives from land-based exercises such as tennis, running, boxing, and treadmill use. There are a variety of movements that can be performed in water without stressing muscles, joints, and ligaments. Aquatic exercise cools your body, so you can exercise longer and recover faster. When standing in a swimming pool, the water actually lowers your heart rate.

AquaBLASTFit is rethinking water aerobics -- stop dancing and start BLASTING!

Blast Away!

Rob Magrino | CEO & Founder | US Army Veteran 
AEA Certified Aquatic Fitness Professional

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