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Our Story

It all started with a milk jug...

After injuring my shoulder several years ago playing softball, I started exercising in my pool to help with recovery. One day I filled some plastic milk jugs with water to use as resistance weights. After some tinkering, I discovered that combining air, water, and weight caused the jugs to float in a stable and neutrally buoyant position in water, making them ideal for punching and kicking. Soon after, I cobbled together a prototype of an "underwater striking bag device" (the Big Red Tomato) made from materials scraped together from a hardware store -- and AquaBlast® was born! AquaBlast, underwater punching bag for swimming pools. The "Big Red Tomato"

AquaBlast® is the ultimate underwater punching bag and exercise device for swimming pools. It incorporates water resistance, drag, and weight to give you a full-body, low-impact workout unlike any other aquatic exercise device - plus it's fun to land a flying Ninja kick or hear a THUMP when you land a solid punch or kick!

AquaBlast® is portable so it's ideal to take with you to the pool, to fitness centers, and on vacation; it sets up in a minute using swimming pool water and empties out just as fast. Fold it flat and store it in the carry bag when you are done.

Aquatic exercise is well known to reduce muscle and joint stress and ease the pounding your body absorbs from activities like tennis, running, or treadmills. In a swimming pool you are nearly weightless; this allows you to perform a wide range of movements without the stress on your muscles, joints, and ligaments. Water also cools your body so you can work out longer and recover faster, plus water actually lowers your heart rate. 

Strength in Water®

Our slogan and our parent company, RomaQuatics, is derived from two words: Roma, which is Greek for strength (ῥώμη), and Aquatics for water. At RomaQuatics and AquaBlastFit, we are dedicated to creating portable aquatic exercise gear that promotes strength, fitness, and conditioning in water regardless of physical limitations.

Whether you are training for competition, recovering from injury, participating in group exercise or want to burn off steam, our low-impact aquatic exercise bags and accessories provide upper body, lower body, and core conditioning using the therapeutic benefits of water resistance. 

AquaBlast® is protected by three U.S. Patents.  Punch, kick, lift, and throw your way into shape and have a BLAST! 

Rob Magrino | CEO & Founder & US Army Veteran

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Our Guarantee

We're so sure you will love AquaBlast® that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Our Warranty

If within 90 days of purchase, AquaBlast® fails when used as directed, we will replace the device.