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The AquaBLAST® Story

AquaBLAST started as a plastic milk jug...

After injuring my rotator cuff several years ago playing softball, my doctor recommended an aquatic exercise routine to help with recovery. I took his advice and started a daily low-impact routine in my swimming pool to strengthened my shoulder. Not impressed by the foam workout accessories recommended to me, I started using one gallon plastic milk jugs filled with pool water as resistance weights. Each gallon jug weighed eight pounds -- they were cheap and effective pool weights that doubled as kettlebells. One day I tinkered with the jugs by adding air to make them lighter and hung a small weight from the handle. This caused the milk jug to float mostly underwater and upside down in the swimming pool! AquaBLAST started as a water-filled milk jug and evolved into a punching bag and multipurpose aquatic exercise device for swimming pools

Out of curiosity, I punched the underwater jug and discovered it was flexible and cushioned my blows. This was a moment of inspiration. I never intended to take the idea beyond my home swimming pool, except curiosity led me to try different components and softer materials!

Soon after, I cobbled a prototype together of an "underwater striking bag device" (the Big Red Tomato) from materials found at the hardware store – (and lots of glue), and AquaBLAST® was born! AquaBlast, underwater punching bag for swimming pools. The "Big Red Tomato"I spent 3 years going nowhere with my idea until I met Hrag Nassanian, a former Nike soft-goods designer ( Hrag helped bring my idea to life through his industry knowledge, design expertise, and just common sense. After multiple iterations, AquaBLAST went into production and was released in July 2020. Hrag is now a great friend and mentor. Thanks buddy!

AquaBLAST pool fitness bag for swimming pools and swim spas

AquaBLAST® is changing the way people workout in water -- and provides new meaning to the term "water aerobics". We continue to look to improve and innovate and we plan to introduce AquaBLAST Mini, a smaller version of AquaBLAST and a portable pool floor tethering system in 2021. Stay tuned.

Introducing AquaBLAST®

AquaBLAST is a portable punching bag and exercise device for swimming pools and swim spas. It floats at equilibrium with the surrounding water and incorporates water resistance, drag, and weight to provide you with a full-body, low-impact workout unlike any other aquatic exercise equipment - plus it's fun! A well-placed punch or kick produces a THUMP sound, plus you can go full ninja and land some amazing flying kicks!

AquaBLAST is portable so it's ideal to take with you to the pool, to fitness centers, and on vacation; it sets up in a minute using swimming pool water and empties out just as fast. Just empty the water and store it in the carry bag when you are done.

AquaBLAST is compact and fits in a convenient carry case, so you can take and Aqua-Gym with youAquatic exercise is well known for reducing muscle and joint stress and easing the pounding your body absorbs from activities like tennis, running, boxing, and treadmills. Water provides a nearly weightless environment to perform a wide range of movements without the stress on muscles, joints, and ligaments. Water also cools your body so you can work out longer and recover faster, plus water actually lowers your heart rate. 

Strength in Water®

RomaQuatics, our parent company, is derived from two words: Roma, which is Greek for strength (ῥώμη), and Aquatics for water, which literally means Strength in Water®, our slogan. We believe AquaBLAST can deliver a unique way to stay fit -- and have fun -- in water.

AquaBlastFit is dedicated to creating portable aquatic exercise gear that promotes strength, fitness, and conditioning in water regardless of age or physical limitations.

Whether you are training for competition, recovering from injury, participating in group exercise or want to burn off steam, our low-impact aquatic exercise bags and accessories provide upper body, lower body, and core conditioning using the therapeutic benefits of water resistance. 

AquaBLAST® is protected by three U.S. Patents.  Punch, kick, lift, and throw your way into shape and have an Aqua-BLAST! 

Blast Away!

Rob Magrino | CEO & Founder | US Army Veteran

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